Action 131: Do away with disposable plastic razors

Razor disposableDate: 11 May
Action: 131
Cost of taking action: £/$/€ SAVES MONEY


Here’s another easy way to stop using unnecessary plastic!

It’s a common theme on this site, but reducing our use of plastic unnecessarily is absolutely crucial.

Plastic disposable razors are a great example – the plastic simply is not needed, so why do we use it?

There are several alternatives that do the job just as well, or even better.

Why is this important?

  • plastic disposable razors are not recyclable, because of the metal blades included
  • the most common type of razor in the developed world is the disposable plastic razor
  • this is all ending up in landfill, or as litter


There are three options

Switch to an electric shaver

Although this means a financial outlay, you will recover the cost after a while by saving the money you would normally spend on disposable blades. Prices vary hugely, but in general it is worth buying good quality equipment, it will last much longer which in turn is better for the environment too. Modern electric shavers – mains or battery – give as good a shave as a wet blade.

Switch to non-plastic semi-disposables

Now, you can buy razors made from bamboo or other wood. The handles are long lasting reusable. Blades are still in cartridges that need to be replaced and disposed of, but at least the worst part of the problem – the plastic – is removed. Here is an example.

Razor rose gold

Razor in rose gold

Switch to a totally reusable safety razor

These are designed to hold traditional razor blades purchased separately. There is no cartridge to worry about, the handle and head are permanent, and can be made from wood or metal. Here is an example which is actually also a beautiful looking bit of kit to have in the bathroom.

Take the plunge with a traditional cut-throat blade!

Not for the faint-hearted or nervous type … but for the gentlemen out there ….

Cut throat razor

Take action

Whatever option you choose, please take action 131 and stop using disposable plastic razors!