Action 199: Take heart from what you ARE achieving

ticked calendarDate: 18 July
Action: 199
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From our guest author Paul in Holland

Sometimes, as individuals, we might feel daunted by what needs to be done to save our world

You can take heart from what you do achieve: stop viewing your impact as being from a single action – think about how big a difference it will become.

It is strange when people talk about making a difference to the environment; you often hear them say “but it is such a small amount, it won’t make an impact because it is too small”.

But when you hear people talk about saving money, losing weight, or even planning for a big event, they often break it down into smaller bits …

“If I save 10 euros a month, I will be able to buy that new outfit in the summer”

“If I lose a pound a week, I will hit my target weight in six months”

“If I run 4 times a week, I will be able to run the marathon”

Is it because they are looking at the end goal and not at what they did today? If so, it is time to flip the narrative when it comes to eco-actions and look at the impact you WILL make?

The small things add up

The reason people break things down into smaller chunks is to make it easier to focus on. They have that end goal but it is too big to think of or to work towards in one go.

So take heart and think about your yearly impact. Don’t think of an individual day or action as a stand-alone thing. It isn’t. Each time you do it, you are heading towards a bigger impact.

That piece of trash you pick up each day isn’t just a single piece of litter. It is hundreds of pieces each year!

Those lights you turn off each day are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of actions that make a big impact together over the year.

Those steps you take walking to the supermarket? That isn’t just cutting down on petrol consumption for one shop, it is also saving you a lot of money each year (as well as getting you fitter – bonus!)

Daily impacts accumulate

So for today’s action, think about all the things you do each day. Together they really do add up.

That piece of litter you picked up, those lights you turned off, that walk to the shops. That’s already a nice achievement for the day itself!

Take action

Treat ‘making a difference’ exactly how you would treat aiming for a bigger goal. Your small actions are all taking you in the right direction to that bigger goal.

Then, of course, we can multiply what you are doing by the millions of people around the world who care enough to do the small things too!

Keep going, because what you are doing counts!

Notes from our Editor

You can read more and really learn a lot from Paul’s blog and Instagram links below. Take a look – Paul is a great example to us all.

This article has been contributed by:
Paul Waye
Insta: @wayeoflife
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