Action 230: Switch to reusable kitchen wipes

unpaper towelsDate: 18 August
Action: 230
Cost of taking action: £/$/€ LOW


Using an alternative to kitchen paper towels brings several advantages

This is another one of those small actions that can really add up if lots of us do it; collective action makes a difference.

Today we are simply asking you to switch from buying disposable kitchen paper towels to reusables.

It’s easy!

Why is this helpful?

Also known as “unpaper” towels, reusable wipes consume less resource in their making than paper towels, plus of course they are not adding to landfill or incineration waste after use.

A good example is at this link below, but a quick Ecosia search of “unpaper towels” will give you many links to follow in your own country.


This particular example is made from cotton and sustainable bamboo.

Unpaper towels are an eco kitchen essential and a great plastic free, eco friendly alternatives to disposable options. They can be used time and time again – just wash and reuse. As well as being environmentally friendly and zero waste, unpaper towels actually save you money in the long run. They can also look more attractive around your home.

The advantages summarised

  • paper is an energy, chemical and resource intense material to produce, so you will reduce your carbon footprint and the consumption of trees
  • many paper kitchen towels use a lot of bleach in production
  • many paper towels actually contain plastics too, to give them strength
  • they can look prettier around your kitchen
  • although more expensive initially, they will soon save you money overall
  • they clean more effectively and do not scratch surfaces
  • no paper and plastic waste to landfill or incineration
  • can also be used as face cloths that are gentle on the skin

Take action #230

This action is a nice simple one, swapping a disposable everyday item for a more sustainable alternative. Please take a look at the “unpaper” options available and make this small change to your life. Collectively, if many of us make these changes, we will make a difference.