Action 282: Choose your KitKats with care

KitKatsDate: 09 October
Action: 282
Cost of taking action: £/$/€ NIL


We know the title of this action seems odd, but read on …

KitKats are the perfect example of where you can make a simple choice that makes a difference.

The reason is:

  • some KitKats are packaged in non-recyclable plastic (very bad!)
  • some KitKats are packaged in recyclable aluminium foil and paper (much better)

Strange, but true – click on our picture to see what we mean:


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What to do

On the face of it, this action is very simple – if you eat KitKats, please make sure you choose those that are packaged in recyclable materials!

However, it’s broader than that really. We’ve picked KitKat because it’s a product most people will recognise and that millions of us eat, but there are many other products out there that are packaged up in different ways too, under exactly the same name and brand.

Packaging might vary depending on pack size, location and language, local regulations about packaging, and for many other reasons, but this article was prompted by the fact that the two items were found side by side in the same shop (in this case, Sainsbury’s in the UK). When that happens, remember the saying “every purchase is a vote”, and exercise your consumer powers.

Why is this important?

  • we must reduce our use of single-use plastic, especially unnecessary use like this
  • we can increase recycling rates by buying items in glass, paper, card and foil
  • we can exercise influence as consumers to make manufacturers change their practices

Take action

Next time you buy a KitKat, please try and avoid the plastic packaging.

When buying any other product, watch out for similar variations in packaging and try and choose the recyclable one every time if you can. As we can see here, it happens even with the same brands!

It’s an easy, no-cost and immediate way that any shopper can make a difference to our massive #plasticpollution problem.

Thank you!