Action 285: Take your child to an aquarium

aquarium Date: 12 October
Action: 285
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From our guest author Jasmin Harrison in Australia

Childhood experiences shape our thinking and attitude – including about the environment

When was the last time you visited an aquarium?

Today’s action is simple and fun – take your child, or children, to an aquarium.

Water is often fascinating for kids, from rain and puddles, to ponds and oceans. The  mysterious watery world of frogs, fish, sharks and dolphins – what’s not to love?

For those water-loving kids, an aquarium is a stimulating and beautiful places filled with educational opportunities for growing minds.

Why is this important?

Not only are they fascinating and fun places to spend weekends and school holidays, they can also inspire the environmentalists of the future.

They provide an opportunity to see first-hand a glimpse into the mystical underwater world. This helps to build an appreciation for all of the amazing life that exists in our oceans and the delicate ecosystems they rely on to survive.

Aquariums often offer education tours and programs that teach children about the work being done to rescue injured animals, and to advocate for environmental causes such as banning whaling and removing plastics from our oceans.

For many children this will be the closest they come to seeing marine life. Without seeing it, it’s hard to connect to it. And what we can’t connect to, we struggle to care about.

We need to inspire and inform the decision-makers of the future too – our future global leaders and influencers. Imagine if every politician making decisions about our lives had a better understanding of the fragility of our planet. Things could be very different.

In addition to this, by buying tickets to a conservation aquarium your money will also be directly supporting work to protect our threatened species and improve our understanding of the world.

Take action

Find out about an aquarium in your area, for example by using this Ecosia search link or just by typing “aquarium <townname>” into your browser. Check out the costs and opening times, and any educational tours they might offer.

Do be sure to have a good look at the aquarium’s website and any reviews you can find. In most countries aquariums are regulated and you can be confident that the animals are treated well and that the objectives are around conservation and education. However do be wary of practices that might be exploitative, such as dolphin entertainment and small pools.

Arrange a family day to visit, and take the opportunity then for all of you to learn, create empathy for our marine world, and build informed action takers.

Who knows, your son or daughter could become the next Jacques Cousteau!

Aquarium and children

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This article has been contributed by
Jasmin Harrison
Insta: @word_wizardry
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