Action 292: New clothes from old: make some boxer shorts

boxersDate: 19 October
Action: 292
Cost of taking action: £/$/€ NIL


From our guest author Barbara Wysocka in Scotland

Handy with a needle and thread or sewing machine? Here’s a great example of how clothing can be re-used

Today’s action is … make boxer shorts from old clothing!

In this article we are going to introduce you to another way of reusing. A very creative one actually – we’re going to explain how to make a pair of men’s boxer shorts from your old clothing. Sounds exciting? Let’s have a look.

Unused clothing

In general, there is a rule of thumb which states that if you haven’t worn something for 6 months, it means it can depart your wardrobe. I’m not sure if this is long enough for those who want to reduce their impact on the environment, but surely each of us knows perfectly well when a part of our clothing is, for one or another reason, not good enough to be worn anymore.

What do we usually do then? Hopefully, throwing out is not an option at all. So, what instead? Sell locally, give away to a family member or a friend or maybe put into a designated container?

But how about if it still remains with us but in a different form? Yes, we can simply repurpose a favourite shirt (maybe the one with the horrible stain on the front!) and make, for example, a pair of boxer shorts. Even if we’ve never sewn before in our life, with a bit of support from internet, we should be able to create something really unique.

What to do

For some inspiration please visit this page: which gives some simple, step by step instructions also supported with pictures for better understanding.

boxer shorts

Click for larger image

With this example the pattern is nice and simple and the instructions are clear. The result is in our picture.

You can also find some tutorials on YouTube or why not try to search locally for any workshops where you could meet others who are keen to learn similar skills, so you can help each other.

What are the benefits of reusing an old clothing by making a new piece of clothing?

  • reduce water and energy use as we avoid the manufacturing of new clothing
  • saving energy reduces carbon emissions too!
  • reduce your waste as you reuse what you already have
  • less space taken at landfill
  • less landfill means less greenhouse gases, mess, and damage to our natural landscape
  • saves you money
  • your favourite clothing stays with you, just in another form
  • can be a very unique present
  • helps to develop new skills
  • get involved in a sewing group and make new friends

So, do not hesitate to give it a try – make boxer shorts from old clothing you would otherwise throw away today!

This article has been contributed by guest writer
Barbara Wysocka
Insta: @yourwastefreehome