Action 294: Install a low-flow shower head

eco shower headsDate: 21 October
Action: 294
Cost of taking action: £/$/€ LOW


Low-flow shower heads save water and energy, and also provide a more invigorating shower

Today’s action is to replace your shower head with a low flow one, which will improve your showering experience as well as reduce your use of energy and water.

How do they work?

Installing low-flow shower heads is one of the most effective water conservation measure you can take for your home.

Low flow shower-heads help reduce water waste, but don’t lower shower head pressure. They are simple and inexpensive to install and can reduce your water consumption for a typical shower by as much as 50%.

That means, of course, that you will also reduce the energy used, because if less water is used, less electricity is used to heat it to temperature. This saves carbon emissions and power costs, also by as much as 50%.

This conservation of water and energy is good for the environment, and the savings in your utility bills will pay for the cost of the new shower head quite quickly. From then on, you enjoy continued savings.

There are two types of low-flow shower heads: aerating and non-aerating. Aerating heads mix air into the water stream. This maintains steady pressure so the flow has an even, full shower spray even though water used is less. Aerating shower heads are the most popular type of low-flow shower head.

With non-aerating devices, air is not mixed into the water stream. Temperature and a strong spray are still maintained – the water flow pulses with non-aerating shower heads, giving more of a massaging effect.

Why is this important?

Reducing energy and water use is important because meeting our current demands, especially in the west, is unsustainable.

Energy still relies too much on the burning of fossil fuels, producing the carbon dioxide that is causing global warming.

Water is a precious life-giving resource which we take for granted in many countries, but systems are strained and our demand for water is taking it away from the ecosystems that need it.

Individual action such as this very simple one can make a difference if we act collectively. If millions of people do small things, they add up to big things.

Take action

Replace your old shower head with a refreshing low-flow one and save energy, carbon, water and money … and enjoy your shower more too. What’s not to like about action #294?