Action 303: Make an impact by saying just two words

Paul Waye wayeoflifeDate: 30 October
Action: 303
Cost of taking action: NIL


From our guest writer Paul Waye in Holland

Make an impact by saying just two words

If you want to make an impact, try using just two words.

You can even decide which two words you use;

  • Thank you
  • Well done
  • Good job
  • Great stuff

When should you use them? Easy.. when you see someone trying to make a positive impact on our environment.

For example, taking one of the actions listed on this site.

As a plogger (someone who picks up trash while running), I love hearing these words. It isn’t just to stoke my ego (although I would be lying if it doesn’t a bit haha).

No, the real impact is that it makes me smile. Lifts my soul. Raises my spirits. And, most importantly, recharges my batteries.


I always try to look at the positives in plogging. The impact I make daily.

But sometimes you can’t help but see the negatives. “Why are people still dropping trash?”, “Look at all this fresh trash!”. One that really gets to me is “Why am I finding another full diaper thrown in the street?!!”

So when I hear a couple of encouraging words from a passerby, my spirits raise. It has a huge positive effect on me.

Keep on going!

When it comes to making an impact with environmental action, perhaps the most important one is to keep on doing it!

Saying “well done” to someone can give them the motivation to keep on doing it.

And, just as importantly, I try to always say “thank you” back.

Because they just made an impact!

This article has been contributed by Paul Waye.

Paul has written several inspiring articles for us this year.

You can also read more and learn a lot from Paul’s blog and Instagram links below.

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