Action 312: Wall clad your home Scandinavian style

wall clad houseDate: 08 November
Action: 312
Cost of taking action: HIGH


From our guest writer Jasmin Harrison in Australia

Insulating our homes properly is an essential part of any plan to reduce carbon emissions and limit climate change

Today’s action promises to give your home a stylish look and help you to save on energy.

Wall cladding with timber is a popular practice in Scandinavian countries. Cladding means the application of one material over another to provide a skin or layer. As the name suggests, wall cladding involves covering the external walls of your home with a particular material (like timber for an eco-friendly option).

The cladding helps to protect your walls from the elements (snow, hail and harsh sunshine), whilst significantly reducing your heating bills and making your home more energy efficient. Think of it like a high-performance protective skin (or armour) for your home.

Effective Insulation

Wall cladding can provide effective heat insulation, helping your home to hold heat and reducing your energy usage and bills.

As an added bonus, it can also provide sound insulation, helping to keep out noise from the neighbourhood.

A guardian for your home

Acting as a second skin, wall cladding can help to protect your home from everything from sun, rain, wind, fire, noise, pests, and extreme temperatures. This also helps your foundational walls to last longer.

Add to your existing home

External timber cladding can be added to your existing home with little to no disruption to the household. Because it goes onto the outside of your walls, the work can be done without needing to move the family out.

A renewable resource

Use of timber means renewable materials when cladding your home. This helps to lower the environmental impact.


Wall cladding can also look beautiful, giving your home a whole new look whether you prefer warm timbers, or a cool stone look. Just make sure to check planning permissions in your area before deciding to add wall-cladding to your home.

Why is this important?

power station polluting

The greenhouse gas emissions from our consumption of energy from burning fossil fuels – either directly in our homes such as a gas central heating system – or indirectly to produce electricity, must be curtailed if we are to have any hope of limiting the impact of climate change and global warming.

The loss of heat from poorly insulated homes is a major factor.

Many homes will have to be retrofitted with improved insulation in the coming few years, and timber wall cladding is a great option. It can also be combined with additional layers of insulation board or other materials, to be even more effective.

Take action

If you’re looking for a way to increase the energy efficiency of your existing home, refresh your look and make your house last longer, why not check out whether wall-cladding is an option in your area today?

This article has been contributed by
Jasmin Harrison
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