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Toiletries AmnestyDate: 15 November
Action: 319
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Learn about this amazing UK based organisation; if you are not in the UK, check for similar initiatives in your country

Toiletries Amnesty are a social, ethical and environmental organisation working across the UK and abroad.

They work to relieve hygiene poverty and stop products from going to waste.

Too many people live with too many spare, unwanted or unused toiletry products that could be really helpful to others. The original premise was to collect spare toiletries for one homeless shelter in Cambridge, but now the initiative supports nearly 300 organisations – homeless shelters, hostels, women and children’s refuges, mental health services, children and families centres, food banks, refugee support groups, and many more.

The idea is simple – alleviate hygiene poverty while reducing waste by connecting donors to the places and people in need.

Visit to learn more and see the interactive directory of organisations that need spare bathroom and beauty products.

Why is donating spare or unwanted toiletries a “green” action?

We believe in considerate consumption and production, and so do Toiletries Amnesty.

They promote waste minimisation and encourage a small act that can have a positive effect as well as helping decrease our environmental impact.

By ensuring products are used in this way you will be:

  • reducing the volume of material sent to landfill
  • avoiding the carbon emissions and plastics packaging associated with producing new goods
  • contributing to an ethical redistribution
  • helping people in need

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