Action 321: Join and use a library

libraryDate: 17 November
Action: 321
Cost of taking action: NIL


In many countries, library use is sadly declining, but they offer many benefits including to the environment

Today’s action is to join and use your local library.


There are lots of reasons to do this, including environmental ones.

  • borrowing and returning books instead of owning your own copy means no extra use of paper
  • reducing paper use saves energy, carbon emissions, chemical use and water, read about this at our earlier article
  • reading is an activity that creates no emissions … yay!
  • reading is educational, and good for your mental health and wellbeing too!
  • libraries are often a community hub too, get involved in other activities
  • you’ll save money – reading becomes a free activity
  • libraries can teach children about responsibility – meeting a deadline and taking care of something for someone else
  • libraries will encourage you and children away from the gadgets and screens that dominate many of our lives

Take action

Joining and using your library instead of buying books is a green action. Books are made from trees, and far too many get re-pulped or (worse) discarded into landfill after being read once or twice.

Joining and using your library will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but can enhance your education, mental health, social interaction and general wellbeing.

What’s not to like!