Action 323: Swap your Christmas lights for LED versions

Christmas lightsDate: 19 November
Action: 323
Cost of taking action: LOW


Our first of several Christmas related eco-actions

Now is the time we are starting to plan Christmas … ordering the food and drink, buying presents, and getting the decorations and lights out of storage!

Christmas is a time of celebration, family gatherings, happiness and reflection.

Sadly though, it’s also massively consumer-driven in many countries, and we do need to be thinking of ways to make it less damaging to our environment. Over the coming few weeks we will be featuring a few ideas.

Change your lights

With millions of us setting up Christmas lights on our trees and around our houses, we are burning lots of electricity. Todays action is (before you set them up) to check that your lights are low energy LED types, not the traditional incandescent bulbs. Light sets are inexpensive, so if they are the older type, please replace them (and, of course, dispose of your old ones responsibly in the electricals section of your local waste facility).

Why is this important?

  • A set of equivalent LED lights will use only a quarter (typically) of the power used by old lights
  • A set of equivalent LED lights will last 25 times as long (a lifetime, in fact)
  • Reduced use of resources
  • Reduced power consumption means less carbon emissions (greenhouse gas)

Reducing our energy consumption is essential if we are to stand any chance of limiting the effects of global warming and the associated climate change, and this is a classic case of where if many people took action, the total effect would be significant.

In addition to the environmental benefits of using LED lights:

  • New LED bulbs are brighter, multicoloured, and more controllable
  • LED lights run cooler and safer
  • LED lights run on low voltages, also safer
  • Reduced fire hazard
  • No problems trying to identify a dodgy bulb in a string when one “blows”
  • Reduced energy use means lower electricity bills

Take action

Check your Christmas lights now and upgrade if they are still the old-fashioned type – it’s an easy Christmas win for the environment!