Action 325: Close doors and windows when using air conditioning

aircon unitDate: 21 November
Action: 325
Cost of taking action: SAVES MONEY


Another very simple action which is a win-win all round

Like many things we need to do to reduce our use of energy (and therefore our carbon emissions), today’s action is a simple one.

Action: make sure you close all your doors and windows if you run an air conditioning unit at home.

Why do we need to do this?

It’s simple really – your air conditioner is working a bit like a fridge, taking heat from the air in your room and moving it to the outside. Just like you wouldn’t open your fridge door to let the heat in and the cold out, the same applies to your air conditioned room!

By taking this simple action you will:

  • save energy
  • reduce your carbon emissions
  • reduce your fuel bills
  • your room will reach the set temperature sooner

power station polluting

Why is this important?

Air conditioning is increasingly used, including in countries now starting to feel the direct effects of global warming.

It can be a heavy use of electrical power, so we need to ensure we use it as efficiently as possible to keep our use of energy down. Generating electricity is a major source of the greenhouse gases – notably CO2 (carbon dioxide) – that are leading to global warming and so climate change. We must keep our use of energy down if we are to have any chance of keeping climate change within manageable levels.

Take action

If you use an air conditioner, use it sparingly and as efficiently as possible; close the doors and windows to the room you are trying to chill, it really helps with carbon emissions and it really helps with the cooling too!