Action 337: Buy from this list of eco-friendly Christmas gifts

Christmas giftsDate: 03 December
Action: 337
Cost of taking action: LOW


From our guest writer Jasmin Harrison in Australia

We asked Jas to come up with a few ideas for “greener” Christmas gifts on the run-up to the big day

As we head towards the holiday season, it’s time to start getting Christmas gifts ready for friends and family. Today’s action is to shop responsibly for your Christmas gifts, considering gifts that have minimal environmental impact.

Why is this important?

Environmentalists have suggested that Christmas is the world’s greatest annual environmental disaster, with the amount of waste produced globally increasing by 25-30 per cent during the festive season.

This increased landfill comes from packaging, gift wrapping, decorations, food waste, cards and unwanted gifts.

Become part of the solution

You can reduce your “Christmas footprint” by choosing eco-friendly gifts and using minimal packaging or, for example, consider wrapping your gifts in cloth instead of paper.

To help you get started, I’ve put together a list of eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas.

Christmas giftsEco beauty products

For the hand cream lover or the make-up fanatic on your list, choose eco-friendly products from stores like these:

Nourished Life
Done Good
Earth Hero

There are lots of similar ethical and environmental considerate stores online.


If possible, check out wholefoods stores in your area and buy local. This will help to reduce transport emissions and packaging even further.

Journals and notebooks

Have a budding writer in your life? Or someone who never leaves home without their journal?

With over a 100 designs to choose from, a Decomposition Book is made from 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper and they are printed with soy ink.

Or, for something different try a 100% tree free notebook made out of stone from Karst (Yes, really – check it out!).


We all have that one person in our lives that can’t have enough plants.

From indoor plants, garden plants and windowsill herb gardens, there are so many options. Choose something personal and beautiful that will add to someone’s health and happiness everyday.


There are an increasing number of jewelers applying ethical and sustainable practices to their creations.

Find some options here, via The Good Trade.

Donations to charity

For the activist in your life, opt for a less material gift and support a charity instead. Some even offer a personalised message or card you can give to your loved one to represent the donation.

Take action

These are just a few options to get you started, however there are so many more eco-friendly gift options out there.

Get creative and have fun finding feel-good gifts that will be adored by your friends and family, and the planet.

Shop ethically and responsibly at Christmas for everyone’s benefit.

This article has been contributed by
Jasmin Harrison
Insta: @word_wizardry
Twitter: @wizardryword

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