Action 344: Take part in citizen science environment projects

Henry - Naturetastic - Citizen ScienceDate: 10 December
Action: 344
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From our young guest author Henry in England

Citizen Science is a great way to get involved in big projects that try to solve environmental, conservation and wildlife challenges by collecting lots of data … and you can be the scientist!

What is Citizen Science and how does it help?

Normally when we think about scientists, we thinks about people in white coats working in a lab, but through the hundreds of citizen science projects we can be the scientists and help contribute.

It’s hard to protect the environment if we don’t have enough information, so by using lots of volunteers to get data and information that scientists or organisations wouldn’t otherwise be able to access due to time, location or cost we can help speed up the research.

By signing up to a project and then following the instructions you can have fun, help make a difference and maybe even contribute to a scientific breakthough or the conservation of a species or the environment.

How do I get involved?

There are four examples in this video all about Citizen Science from bugs squished on your car to what’s in a cowpat as well as lots of links to other projects (also listed below)…

…and this video is all about the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdcount. In 2021 over 1 million people took part in the project and made a big contribution to the policy of the RSPB as they have identified that in the last 50 years the number of birds in the UK has dropped by 38 Million!

The 2022 #BigBirdCount is coming up, it runs from the 28th – 30th January and all you need to do is register, and then spend one hour in your garden, watching from a balcony or in a park counting the birds you see. No special equipment needed!

You can sign up here …

Other Citizen Science Resources

Wildlife Trusts – lots of projects –

Bat Conservation Trust – Sunset Survey –

Buglife – Bugs Matter –

British Trust of Ornithology – Garden Birdwatch –

Natural History Museum – Bioblitz –

Zooniverse – lots of projects –

Or just Google ‘Citizen Science’!!

Take action

Take a little time to learn about citizen science through these links, and think about giving a little bit of your time to help – it really does help to expand our understanding of our eco-systems and the damage that  has been done to them.

This article has been contributed by
Henry and Matthew Day
Twitter: @NaturetasticWH

Our thanks to Henry for this article; you can also find Henry online at his YouTube channel “Naturetastic” at