Action 345: Educate someone you know about global warming

power station pollutingDate: 11 December
Action: 345
Cost of taking action: NIL


For action to protect our planet to succeed, we need everyone to understand the problems and how they can play a part in the solutions to them. It’s no good complaining that people are not doing their bit, if they don’t know why it is important to do so.

So this action is to tell someone about the biggest problems we face – our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions (from burning fossil fuels in particular) are leading to global warming.

The resulting climate change is undoubtedly the biggest threat to our species.


The science is now irrefutable.

Carbon dioxide in particular, but also methane and others, are what are known as “greenhouse gases”. This means they have the effect of trapping the heat from the sun in our atmosphere. Since the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s our industries, and more recently as a result of high consumption and travel, we have been pumping these gases into our environment as we burn fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas.

It doesn’t take much of an increase in average global temperatures to have a significant impact on our climate, and this is what we are seeing happening around the world right now.

To prevent catastrophic damage we must all work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The biggest factor is our use of energy – burning fossil fuels must stop and that’s only going to be possible if we all reduce our direct use of energy (for example heating our homes) and indirect use of energy (for example by reducing the miles our food is transported, or ending our use of plastic).

We cannot leave it to governments and industries to solve the problem, we all have a part to play.

Who should I tell about this?

It could be anyone, but here are a few ideas:

  • if you have children, tell them
  • build environmental awareness into their education and play
  • if you are shopping, tell family why you want to avoid certain brands or products
  • education is a key part of making sure our collective destructive behaviours are moderated or changed
  • if you know about the damage, but your parents or grandparents don’t, then tell them
  • older people have lived through an age where energy was plentiful and the consequences of so much burning were unknown.
  • tell work colleagues and encourage a low carbon culture in your business or workplace
  • tell friends in the pub, during chats over meals, or when out and about
  • remind people of the problem on social media or on websites you control
  • and include a few relevant links (such as

What should I ask people to do?

If people want to know that they can do, you could suggest:

  • they learn more by looking at a few websites including
  • they start with some basic actions such as driving less, insulating their homes, and avoiding plastics

Take action

It is important that we all do our bit to limit the damage done by CO2 emissions, but people can only be expected to act if they understand how important it is to do so. By educating someone, you will be contributing to this and helping us all, collectively, change our ways.

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