Action 348: Register as a Rotary World Saver today (it’s free)

RWS logo square boxedDate: 14 December
Action: 348
Cost of taking action: FREE


Rotary World Savers is a new initiative calling for and encouraging collective action

Please register today as a Rotary World Saver.

Rotary World Savers brings you a suggested “eco-action” each week. Anyone registered as a Rotary World Saver can commit to taking action with the collective; you can record your commitment with a simple click at the foot of each article.

Registering as a Rotary World Saver also give you access to an amazing “library” of actions and articles about how individuals can make a difference. The library is based on the work of 365 Actions over 2021 and will ensure that what we have created on this site remains available as a resource for individuals and schools.

Why should I do this?

Rotary World Savers will strive to turn our individual actions and commitment to make a small difference into a collective large difference. They are working on with major themes – climate, plastic, biodiversity, consumerism, food waste, pollution, waste and water – all of which you will have seen in the actions on this site too.

Individually we sometimes feel it’s tough to make a difference, collectively we definitely can.

Take action

Please register as a Rotary World Saver .. it’s free of charge so just click on this logo to start …

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