Action 350: Never use plastic drinking straws

Plastic StrawsDate: 16 December
Action: 350
Cost of taking action: NIL or LOW


Let’s put yet another unnecessary use of plastic to a stop!

Every year, primarily in the west, we use billions of plastic drinking straws.

So today’s action is … don’t.

Why is this important?

We need to eliminate the use of single-use plastic items from our lives. It is incredibly wasteful and the resulting plastic waste mountain is becoming toxic to our environment. Plastic pollution is contaminating our lands, clogging up our waterways and seas, and killing wildlife. Plastic does not “break down” as such, it merely breaks up into smaller and smaller pieces, eventually becoming tiny microplastics or nanoplastics that enter our food chains, including our own via the fish and birds that we eat.

Plastic drinking straws are simply unnecessary. We are pleased to see many companies stopping their use, and even some states and countries banning them. These are good decisions, but we need to act straight away all over the world to stop their use – and that of other single use plastics too!


StroodlesThere are several alternatives:

Paper straws are the traditional ones. They last long enough to enjoy your drink. Be sure to buy ones that are completely non-plastic, some are “plasticised” to make them more water-resistant.

Metal and bamboo permanent reusable options now exist .. simply use and then wash them along with the rest of your cutlery.

Pasta straws .. what a wonderful idea, completely biodegradable! Check out this link.

Sip, don’t suck … who needs a straw anyway!

Take action

Please, don’t buy plastic drinking straws, and refuse them in pubs, cafes and fast-food outlets. Let’s reduce the demand for plastic straws so that eventually manufacturers stop making them.

They suck!