Action 352: Repurpose that old bedsheet or duvet cover

Bedding reuseDate: 18 December
Action: 352
Cost of taking action: NIL


Making good reuse of old covers is also great for keeping fabrics out of landfill

This action is another one about re-use.

We all need to be making more use of the resources we have by reusing products as much as possible before they are discarded. This will reduce our impact on the environment, particularly on landfill volumes and on the amount of carbon dioxide we are generating, a greenhouse gas that is leading to global warming and climate change.

Old bedding – pillow cases, duvet (quilt) covers and bedsheets – consist of quite large pieces of material. This gives scope for reuse, and of course it means some larger items don’t get binned and head towards our landfill sites.

Sheets get worn or pilled, or sometimes we just want to buy new sheets or have a new design. That’s the time to look at alternative uses.

What can I use them for?

Garment bagsAs is often the case with reuse or upcycling, the limit is only your imagination and creativity, but here are just a few ideas:

  • cut out the best parts of the material or the design to make new cushion covers
  • make fabric triangles and then bunting for parties or Christmas, or your village event
  • (this also means you buy fewer new decorations made of plastic)
  • make garment bags like the ones pictured here
  • make drawstring bags for toys, children’s PE kits, and more
  • hem a suitable size and shape piece of material to become a table runner
  • create tablecloths for small tables
  • get creative and make a teepee or tent for kids’ play
  • a single duvet cover can be cut short and resewn as a bean bag
  • save to use as decorators dust sheets
  • last use … cut into suitable size rags for cleaning and dusting

Why is this important?

As noted above, we all need to reuse and recycle more, there are several of benefits to this:

  • reduction in resource use
  • reduction in our carbon dioxide emissions
  • reduction in our waste mountain, especially going to landfill
  • saves money

And in addition, you will often get a great sense of satisfaction from making things yourself.

Take action

Next time you clear out your airing cupboard of old sheets and bedding, please don’t throw them in the bin. Instead, think of creative, world-saving and money-saving ways you can reuse them.

You know it makes sense!