Action 360: Recycle all your Christmas wrapping properly

Christmas wrappingDate: 26 December
Action: 360
Cost of taking action: NIL


By our guest author Barbara Wysocka in Scotland

Boxing Day – and time to recycle all the Christmas wrapping properly

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas day yesterday.

What is one of the most exciting things about Christmas? Yes, all these presents!

And what is inseparable part of presents? The nice colourful packaging …

Waste disposal

Hopefully, following our article about sustainable wrapping, there isn’t much paper packaging left in your household to be worried about.

However, realistically we know there is always something we won’t be able to reuse for one or another reason. Like when we were so excited when unwrapping our present, that we simply torn the whole wrapping. Or when our dog was so excited that he spilled mulled wine on it by accident.

Or we had so many packaging left after recent pre Christmas deliveries, there was simply no more space for anymore.

If reuse is not possible, what else can we do to reduce our impact on the environment? We can ensure that the Christmas wrapping is disposed of in appropriate way, which means recycling properly.

During this year we have published quite a few articles regarding this matter, however let me remind you a couple of rules worth remembering:

  • please remove any sticky tape and decorations such as ribbons or bows as unfortunately these cannot be recycled
  • remember about wishcycling and always check first if paper wrap passes the ‘scrunch test’
  • check also that there is no glitter decoration on it
  • if any of these are the case, it needs to go to general waste bin

If we all remember to recycle all wrapping properly, this will be one of the best Christmas presents we can give to the environment 🎅🎁

This article has been contributed by guest writer
Barbara Wysocka
Insta: @yourwastefreehome

Editors note

Here are a few additional facts from source:

  • 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away each year
  • 1 billion Christmas cards are also put in the bin
  • 300,000 tonnes of card packaging is said to be used during the festive season
  • Americans spend more than $7 billion on wrapping paper each year
  • An estimated 30 million trees are cut down just to produce gift wrap