Action 362: Ask 10 people to look at Rotary World Savers for their New Year Resolutions

RWS logoDate: 28 December
Action: 362
Cost of taking action: SAVES MONEY


365 Actions is nearing the end of the 365 days, but Rotary World Savers means our actions remain available

On December 31 we will be producing our 365th and last article, we will have created an amazing library of environmental action that individuals, families and small groups can take. Collectively, these actions could add up to a significant contribution to the sustainability of our planet and it’s ecosystems, which have been so threatened in recent years.

Today’s action is asking you to commit to telling 10 people about a new FREE site called Rotary World Savers. This is a project launched by a UK based Rotary Club, based on the library of actions that we have created.

People who register (it’s free) as a Rotary World Saver on the site will be able to:

  • receive a weekly bulletin including a weekly article about collective eco-action that is needed
  • commit to the actions suggested if you can do them, allowing Rotary to measure the success of the site
  • access the full library of actions produced during our challenge year
  • learn more about our environmental problems and whet we can do to help address them
  • contribute to a growing voice for action, especially as consumers

Where is it?

It’s at

Also, the 365 Actions social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will be renamed on January 01, just search anywhere for Rotary World Savers, #rotaryworldsavers, or @rotaryworldsavers.

What to do

Please send a message to your friends, family and colleagues about the project. How about something like this:

Hi … I’ve been struggling to think of some good New Year Resolutions this year, but I’ve come across this project that I’m going to join and I thought it would interest you. Check it out at It doesn’t cost anything and there are some great ideas for resolutions to reduce our carbon and plastic footprints. Maybe make it a New Year Resolution to register, it’s free.

Also, if you have an account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, please tell people about us there too. From January 01 we will be found at @rotaryworldsavers.

Take action

Please resolve to:

  • join Rotary World Savers yourself
  • tell at least ten other people about it

The more people we can get involved, the more our collective actions will make a difference.

Happy New Year!