Action 364: Use an alternative to plastic party poppers for New Year celebrations

party poppers Date: 30 December
Action: 364
Cost of taking action: SAVES MONEY


Plastic party poppers – another unnecessary single use plastic

There are plenty of alternatives, so today’s action – as we approach New Year’s Eve celebrations – is to ditch the plastic party poppers!

Why is this important?

As we have described in many of our articles this year, the world has a serious plastic pollution problem. Plastic is a wonderful material in some ways – it protects and is long lasting, but that long life is also a problem. As we discard it, it never goes away, it breaks up into smaller and smaller pieces, eventually becoming microplastics and nanoplastics that pollute our environment and food chains. Plastics are chemical products, made primarily from fossil fuels (oil), so waste plastic is leaching poison chemicals into the environment too, and plastic adds to our carbon dioxide emissions problem – contributing to global warming.

We need to stop using plastic for unnecessary purposes, especially single use plastic. Where we do use it, plastic should be reused and reused time and time again, and then eventually recycled.

party poppersIf we can stop using plastics for completely unnecessary purposes, and for packaging, we will go a long way to solving the problem – or at least not adding to the plastic pollution we have already created.

Party poppers are a good example of what not to use, and topical at New Year.

What are the alternatives?

Here are a few suggestions …

  • Dried flowers
  • Coloured or white paper confetti (make sure it’s NOT plastic)
  • Lavendar confetti or similar
  • Bubbles – distribute bubble mix bottles or rent a bubble machine for your party
  • Drop the scattering of litter altogether – who’s going to miss it!

Take action

Please take measures to remove some unnecessary plastic from your New Year Party celebrations, starting with plastic party poppers.

You can also remove plastic cutlery, plates, straws, and the like, and try not to buy food in non-recyclable packaging.

Have a great New Year party and best wishes for 2022.