Action 365: Make a New Years resolution to take action again next year

New Year Resolutions listDate: 31 December
Action: 365
Cost of taking action: NIL


Our final action is … resolve to continue taking action next year!

All year (2021) we have been writing articles about the actions we can all take as individuals to help reduce our adverse impact on our environment – especially when it comes to carbon dioxide emissions, plastic pollution, and dwindling biodiversity. We very much hope you have been inspired to change a few small things during the year.

Writing 365 articles about environmental action has been quite a challenge, but we have succeeded and the articles we have created will go on to form the basis of a new initiative called Rotary World Savers. You can learn more about this at or by searching for #rotaryworldsavers on social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

Our last action of the year is for you to make a New Year Resolution … to carry on taking those small actions knowing that as a collective we can and will make a genuine difference.

“In 2022 and beyond, I resolve to take action to help protect our planet and ecosystems”

What can I do?

There’s a lot you can do … start by looking back at the 365 actions we’ve written about on this site. There are some that a small and free, there are others that need some investment and time. Whatever you do, it will be a move in the right direction for our planet.

Finally, of course, please do continue to follow us as Rotary World Savers on social media, and visit the Rotary World Savers website at

You can register there (it’s completely free and you don’t have to give any personal data to register). As a Rotary World Saver you will have access to the library of actions permanently, and you will be able to record your commitment to those actions you feel able to take, and be part of a collective movement for good.

Take action

Have a great, green, and peaceful New Year.