Action 325: Close doors and windows when using air conditioning

Date: 21 November Action: 325 Cost of taking action: SAVES MONEY   Another very simple action which is a win-win all round Like many things we need to do to reduce our use of energy (and therefore our carbon emissions), today’s action is a simple one. Action: make sure you (read more …)

Action 312: Wall clad your home Scandinavian style

Date: 08 November Action: 312 Cost of taking action: HIGH   From our guest writer Jasmin Harrison in Australia Insulating our homes properly is an essential part of any plan to reduce carbon emissions and limit climate change Today’s action promises to give your home a stylish look and help (read more …)

Action 302: Don’t do Guy Fawkes (bonfire night) this year

Date: 29 October Action: 302 Cost of taking action: SAVES MONEY   Fireworks and bonfires are environmental nightmares! “Remember Remember, the Fifth of November …” In the UK it is traditional to mark 05 November with a firework display and bonfire, marking a plot back in 1605 to blow up (read more …)

Action 301: Avoid products that contribute directly to deforestation

Date: 28 October Action: 301 Cost of taking action: NIL   From our guest author Halima Curran in Libya Deforestation is impacting on us all – we can all help by choosing what we buy with care Why should we bother about deforestation?  Here’s why. Deforestation contributes to climate change.  (read more …)

Action 287: Mix up your commute

Date: 14 October Action: 287 Cost of taking action: £/$/€ SAVES MONEY   From our guest writer Paul Waye in Holland You can introduce variety into your commute and save carbon emissions and more As a regular running and cycling commuter since the early 90’s I have had to solve (read more …)