Action 320: Be a plastic beachcomber

Date: 16 November Action: 320 Cost of taking action: NIL   If we all did this, our beaches would be better for everyone Today’s action is one to take the next time you are at the beach. Simply resolve to pick up a few pieces of plastic waste; sadly, wherever (read more …)

Action 297: Never allow litter to be thrown from your car

Date: 24 October Action: 297 Cost of taking action: £/$/€ NIL   Take some responsibility by making sure neither you nor your passengers litter from your car! Today’s action is about responsibility! Dropping litter from your car is a really obnoxious, anti-social habit. It poisons and messes up our countryside, (read more …)

Action 295: Minimise your microplastic and nanoplastic “footprint”

Date: 22 October Action: 295 Cost of taking action: £/$/€ NIL   By our guest author Divya Hari in Singapore Understanding what happens to plastic when it is discarded is crucial. Do you know about microplastics and nanoplastics? Plastic, being cheap and versatile, is pervasively used in packaging, a wide (read more …)