Action 361: Set Christmas cards aside to use again next year

Date: 27 December Action: 361 Cost of taking action: SAVES MONEY   Christmas cards can be re-used in several innovative ways After Christmas, please don’t bundle up all your Christmas cards and throw them in the bin without a little bit of thought. Perhaps you could put them in a (read more …)

Action 326: Take part in Green Jumper Day 2021 on 26 November

Date: 22 November Action: 326 Cost of taking action: NIL/LOW   Please take part in this fun initiative to raise awareness of how a simple action can help Green Jumper is all about raising awareness around climate change, it’s about educating the next generation, it’s about planting trees … it’s (read more …)

Action 325: Close doors and windows when using air conditioning

Date: 21 November Action: 325 Cost of taking action: SAVES MONEY   Another very simple action which is a win-win all round Like many things we need to do to reduce our use of energy (and therefore our carbon emissions), today’s action is a simple one. Action: make sure you (read more …)