Action 333: Consider alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree

Date: 29 November Action: 333 Cost of taking action: LOW   From our guest author Anna Dawson in the UK We all love Christmas traditions, especially the tree! However, as our planet changes it may be time to consider a more eco-friendly alternative to the traditional Christmas tree. What’s the (read more …)

Action 329: Make a traditional advent calendar

Date: 25 November Action: 329 Cost of taking action: LOW   By our guest author Barbara Wysocka in Scotland A traditional advent calendar can reduce your plastic and carbon footprints and let you give more thoughtful, personal and ethical gifts Since it’s just round the corner, we are now allowed (read more …)

Action 326: Take part in Green Jumper Day 2021 on 26 November

Date: 22 November Action: 326 Cost of taking action: NIL/LOW   Please take part in this fun initiative to raise awareness of how a simple action can help Green Jumper is all about raising awareness around climate change, it’s about educating the next generation, it’s about planting trees … it’s (read more …)

Action 325: Close doors and windows when using air conditioning

Date: 21 November Action: 325 Cost of taking action: SAVES MONEY   Another very simple action which is a win-win all round Like many things we need to do to reduce our use of energy (and therefore our carbon emissions), today’s action is a simple one. Action: make sure you (read more …)

Action 313: Buy a wooden or glass chopping/cutting board next time – not plastic

Date: 09 November Action: 313 Cost of taking action: LOW   Another unnecessary use of plastic for you to cut from your household! For action 313, next time you buy a kitchen chopping board, please avoid plastic. Types of boards Chopping boards are made out of different materials – wood, (read more …)

Action 312: Wall clad your home Scandinavian style

Date: 08 November Action: 312 Cost of taking action: HIGH   From our guest writer Jasmin Harrison in Australia Insulating our homes properly is an essential part of any plan to reduce carbon emissions and limit climate change Today’s action promises to give your home a stylish look and help (read more …)