Action 164: No need to buy those plastic highlighter pens any more

Date: 13 June Action: 164 Cost of taking action: £/$/€ SAVES MONEY   We all love highlighter pens, and now there is a great wooden alternative to the classic plastic ones Action 164 is another small step you can take at home or in the office to reduce your use (read more …)

Action 162: Regrow old potatoes – it’s so easy

Date: 11 June Action: 162 Cost of taking action: £/$/€ SAVES MONEY   How to use those old sprouting potatoes in the bottom of the bag When old potatoes start sprouting, and they’re too far gone to even be making mash with, it’s time to think about using them to (read more …)

Action 161: Cancel a summer firework display

Date: 10 June Action: 161 Cost of taking action: £/$/€ SAVES MONEY   Firework displays do a lot of damage – please rethink if you are planning one this summer There are other, better ways to celebrate 04 July Over the last couple of decades, in fact ever since the (read more …)