Action 335: Be aware of planned obsolescence

Date: 01 December Action: 335 Cost of taking action: NIL   By our guest author Divya Hari in Singapore Planned obsolescence – what does it mean? It all started with the light bulb industry, was propagated by the auto industry and today it is proliferating in several industries from fashion (read more …)

Action 331: Don’t use disposable coffee cups

Date: 27 November Action: 331 Cost of taking action: LOW   By our guest author Halima Curran in Libya Badly in need of a rejuvenating cup of coffee whilst shopping or travelling? That’s happened to many of us, but whilst savouring the (hopefully) exquisite brew and feeling the transformation from (read more …)

Action 329: Make a traditional advent calendar

Date: 25 November Action: 329 Cost of taking action: LOW   By our guest author Barbara Wysocka in Scotland A traditional advent calendar can reduce your plastic and carbon footprints and let you give more thoughtful, personal and ethical gifts Since it’s just round the corner, we are now allowed (read more …)

Action 322: Use reusable or compostable capsules for your branded coffee machine

Date: 18 November Action: 322 Cost of taking action: LOW   Single-serve coffee pods are an environmental nightmare But nowadays there are improvements – the coffee industry is making it easier for consumers to recycle single-serve coffee pods and reusable versions are available. If you use a coffee pod machine, (read more …)

Action 319: Visit

Date: 15 November Action: 319 Cost of taking action: NIL   Learn about this amazing UK based organisation; if you are not in the UK, check for similar initiatives in your country Toiletries Amnesty are a social, ethical and environmental organisation working across the UK and abroad. They work to (read more …)

Action 316: Use our buying decision flow chart

Date: 12 November Action: 316 Cost of taking action: NIL   Let us help you decide! Making ethical, green and sustainable decisions when we are buying is hard … we want things there and then and (in the West especially) we are driven by a culture of consumerism. Today’s action (read more …)

Action 292: New clothes from old: make some boxer shorts

Date: 19 October Action: 292 Cost of taking action: £/$/€ NIL   From our guest author Barbara Wysocka in Scotland Handy with a needle and thread or sewing machine? Here’s a great example of how clothing can be re-used Today’s action is … make boxer shorts from old clothing! In (read more …)