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365 actions features several regular writers who each pen an article once a month or so. Most other articles are written by David, and a handful are contributed on an ad-hoc basis by other people.

If you would like to write for 365 actions, please email us at info@365actions.org.

Our current regular authors are listed below (in random order each time this page is loaded).

HenryHenry is a 7 year old (2021) on a mission!  He believes David Attenborough’s view that “No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced”! His YouTube videos started as a lockdown project and led to great feedback from The Wildlife Trust, RSPB and others. He has made videos on a range of wildlife and conservation topics and written articles for a number of magazines. This led to Henry being appointed (2021) as a Youth Ambassador for the Beds, Cambs and Northants Wildlife Trust. He wants to encourage children and adults alike to be enthusiastic about just how ‘Naturetastic’ the world is so that we all do something to help protect it! Henry’s YouTube channel is at www.tinyurl.com/gnutu3hj.

LakshikaLakshika Nishadhi is a PhD candidate in Industrial Engineering and a Research Assistant in the Business Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention programs at The University of Toledo, USA. Her research is mainly focused on facility location models in Solid Waste Management. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Statistics and Operations Research from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. Besides her research she enjoys teaching undergraduate students at the university. Lakshika is also very passionate about living an eco-friendlier and more sustainable lifestyle and wants to inspire people by sharing her experience in sustainable practices.  She loves to travel with her family, especially exploring national parks. She’s a mother of two boys and always keen to spend quality time with them. Find Lakshika on Insta at https://www.instagram.com/waste.reduction/ and Twitter at https://twitter.com/LakshikaNsh

StephanieStephanie began her journey into conservation and sustainability about 6 years ago with no prior experience and now works as an ecologist in the UK. She is really passionate about finding new ways to live sustainably, becoming a better guardian of the planet and spreading awareness of environmental injustice. Stephanie is a blogger and says “We are now at a point where the conservation of our planet is intertwined with everything we do. Investing, eating, travelling, politics; you name it, the environment has a link to it.” Stephanie’s website is at https://stephsecho.wixsite.com/website

DavidDavid is a a consultant working in the charity sector. He founded 365 actions in late 2020 with a view to producing the 365 articles over the course of 2021. The intention is that it then becomes self-sustaining or funded to be a permanent platform for sharing and promoting individual actions to mitigate plastic pollution and climate change. David’s website is at www.citoc.co.uk.

PaulPaul totally reset his life a few years ago to try and return to what made him happy, notably running; he now runs some 4,000km a year including a couple of marathons. He also went vegetarian and then vegan. One of his passions is plogging. He writes “As a 20 year old I cared more than I did as a 50 year old. I missed that person so I committed to plogging on every run. My first mention on social media of picking up litter while running was in 2011 and now I wanna become the best plogger in the world!”. Paul’s website is at www.wayeoflife.com/about.

AnnAnn is Maltese, living in England, and Mummy to a very energetic one year old! (2021) Caring for the environment has always been a priority but somehow, with the birth of her son, this has intensified. She says “Things suddenly take on a new light; everything is seen in terms of what example it will set, and how it will affect him and the world he grows up in.” Ann is happiest when she is creating things and loves to try out different disciplines and use different media. She founded Dear Maggie to link these 2 passions, inspired by her school Environmental Studies teacher, Ms Maggie. Ann graduated as a teacher so motivating young minds is something that is very important to her, but education does not only happen in schools so she hopes to use this platform to educate and inspire others to live more sustainable lives. Visit Dear Maggie at https://www.instagram.com/dear.maggie.eco/

LynseyLynsey started ethical lifestyle website Monsoon of Random to raise awareness of veganism, animal welfare, natural and organic beauty, fair trade practice, quality, and the environment.  She is passionate about making change and sharing her experiences with others to help them on their journey to a more conscious way of living. Lynsey is active on social media and you can visit her website at http://www.monsoonofrandom.com.

JasminJasmin is an is an ethical copywriter and sustainability enthusiast based in Australia. She is the Founder and Director of Word Wizardry. Her background in Social Work and writing combines a strong understanding of human psychology, with a lifetime love of words. Jasmin primarily works with purpose-led businesses and  is passionate about writing meaningful and personality-driven copy that creates a real connection and clearly and creatively showcases what is unique about her clients. Jasmin’s website is at www.word-wizardry.com.

Anna Dawson has always been interested in nature and is a keen bird watcher and wildlife lover. As she has grown she has learnt more about the harm our actions are causing, and says “I would love to pursue a career in conservation to help protect the environment. I’ve joined 365 actions as I believe it’s vital to spread awareness of what we as individuals need to do to make a difference. There is no better place to be other than in nature”. Anna also has her own blog and social media accounts to “show how utterly amazing our planet and its inhabitants are!” Anna’s website is at https://outdoorsyanna.wixsite.com/website.

BarbaraBarbara lives in the beautiful part of the world that is Scotland. She says “I’ve done various jobs in my life but eventually, in agreement with my interests, I was lucky enough to find my place in the environmental sector. This motivated me even more to expand my knowledge about protecting the environment we live in. I’m also a mum of two toddlers and I feel I should teach them, from the very beginning, about our impact on the world surrounding us and how we all should ensure it’s balanced”. For the 2 last years Barbara has been discovering what she and her family can do to reduce waste in the household and hopes to share that with others. Barbara posts as @yourwastefreehome on Instagram.